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Keeping Ducks: The Top Duck Breeds

The duck industry boasts of its 22 million unit production every year throughout North America. People are very enthusiastic in raising ducks because they are easier to raise than chickens, and can also provide more eggs and meat.

There are different breeds of ducks that you can choose from based on your needs. Each breed has its own special features. Some breeds are best for those who want to venture in the duck egg industry, while some breeds are great for those who are in meat production. And also, there are breeds for ornamental purposes.

For Egg production

One of the primary reasons that most people choose to keep ducks in their farms is for their eggs. Some particular duck breeds are much better for laying eggs than for their meats. The essential idea to remember is that most duck layers are not as productive as chicken layers.

The Campbell, or also known as the Khaki Campbell, is the best duck breed for egg production, this originated from England. This breed is widely known as a standard duck breed about fifty years ago. This breed is probably the only breed that can equal or even surpass the rate of chicken layer. A regular Campbell can lay about 230 eggs in just 52 weeks, but a hybrid of this breed, called the Golden 300, can lay as much as 290 eggs within 52 weeks.

The Runner Duck Breed is also popular among duck farmers who are raising ducks for eggs. They are also good for meat production because their body is lean and strong, but this breed is more known for providing quality eggs.

For Meat Production

People who are keeping ducks for meat needs a different type of duck breeds than those who are for the eggs, Meat duck breeds are larger and lay fewer eggs, allowing more energy to be placed in building a bigger body frame. Meat ducks can get very large, but generally are bad egg layers.

The Rouen duck is very similar to the Mallard duck, with a green head and plumage. Thus, they are also great for ornamental purposes. They grow quickly and keep quite a mass of meat on their body frame, making them very suitable for meat production.

The Peking breed is probably the best duck breed for meat production. They grow quickly and have a large body frame.

These breed of ducks are just some of the duck breeds you can choose from. If you are raising ducks for ornamental purposes, you can choose Muscovy, Buff duck, Call, Crested, and the Mallard duck. They are great when kept in the yard, especially when you have a pond where they can glide through.

The most important thing to consider before choosing a breed to raise duck is your enthusiasm. You canít keep your ducks, their eggs, their meat, or their aesthetic properties if you will not devote at least part of your time, money and effort in rearing these breeds. You need to ensure that you can give them proper shelter, food, water and environment.


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